Staph Infection

There are many people who can get a Staph infection. These infections are very common. You will find that staph infections can occur on any part of the body. They enter our bodies through small, open cuts or wounds. Sometimes staph infections can be found in places that you would never dream of .

For instance you will also find staph infections in hair follicles, usually producing small white-headed pimples. The hair staph infection is caused by an injury to the hair follicle. This injury is caused by shaving or clothes rubbing against the skin. This action can help the infection to erupt.

Some times the staph infection shows itself in the form of a boil. To help prevent this infection from turning into a boil, use shaving cream and if a cut appears make sure that you keep it clean and dry. Open cuts should always be cleaned properly and covered until healed.

Keep your clothing from rubbing against infected areas. Women should wear nylons and men should wear t-shirts to prevent the injured hair follicles from being further irritated or infected.

Nursing women can also develop a staph infection that is called Mastitis if their breasts have become cracked. During this infection period nursing can become painful. The other people who can get staph infections are menstruating women who use tampons. This form of staph infection can develop into Toxic Shock Syndrome. This type of staph infection can turn deadly.

Overweight individuals who have developed overlapping skin can also get staph infections because of various skin irritations occurring. Sometimes these staph infections can be prevented by following good personal hygiene methods. As these are most common types of staph infections you should take some care so that they do no cause serious problems.

Untreated staph infections can spread into other parts of your body. For instance when staph infection enters your bloodstream or into your bones or into the lungs. When it enters to the bones, these staph infected joints can become swollen and permanently stiff. When the staph infection spreads to your lungs pneumonia can occur. When staph infection enters the heart, a condition known as endocarditis will occur thereby causing permanent damage to your heart.

Sometimes but very rarely, staph infections can be found in the food that we eat. This is usually found in food that has been sitting out of the refrigerator for too long. Foods that have a lot of salt or sugar content can grow staphylococci or staph infection. The worst food offenders are cream and cream filled pastries. Salads like macaroni and potato salads, as well as ham, pork or highly salted meats will also become subject to staph infections. When staph is taken into our foods we get staph food poisoning. This type of staph infection can be easily cured.